Wednesday, 8 August 2012


India, the heart of the Earth. The 
land of ancient history, rich 
culture and religion, 
warmhearted people and 
beautiful nature. Don't you want 
to visit sensual Khajuraho, 
inspirational Bodh Gaya, 
gorgeous Taj Mahal, or sunny 
and relaxing Goa beaches? India 
is a dream of traveler. This is a 
destination of my heart. 
It has growing 
economy, thriving democracy, 
freedom of speech, low cost of 
living, large English speaking 
population, great centres of 
knowledge, spirituality, Yoga, 
alternative medicine, beautiful 
flora and fauna, deep-rooted 
culture, diverse people - all this 
has attracted and continue to 
attract people to India from 
various parts of the world..:-)

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